Technological Talavera, high-tech incubator for fostering innovation and technology transfer to micro-sized businesses.

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Technology business Incubator for Innovation Promotion and Technology Transfer to Micro-SMEs

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A FEDER (European Regional Development Fund) Project

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“IAT Talavera Technology business Incubator, is an initiative promoted by the City Council of Talavera de la Reina to promote innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs, aiming to contribute to the modernization and sustainability of the specialized regional productive sector in three technologies: Cybersecurity, Data Intelligence, and Cloud Computing.”

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Digital Transformation

Talavera Tecnológica drives economic progress and modernization in its region through its high-tech innovation center, aimed at promoting the modernization and digitalization of local businesses.

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Technological and Digital Reference

IAT Talavera Tecnológica will contribute to capturing innovative ideas that will position Talavera as a national technological and digital reference, carrying out pioneering projects that will be used worldwide, becoming a driver of growth and job creation in the region.

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IAT and its activities will promote the development of new technologies focused on data intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity to boost the economic activity of high-potential companies and transform the socio-economic fabric of Castilla La Mancha.”

We belong to the Technology business Incubator network, for the promotion of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs, promoted by Fundación INCYDE, with a total financial allocation of 1.5 million euros, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) at 80% under the Pluriregional Operational Programme in Axis 3 – Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and the remaining 300,000 euros will be provided by the City Council of Talavera de la Reina.



Talavera Tecnológica aims to provide a centralized, high-capacity infrastructure based on high-value-added technological services.

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Entrepreneurial Discovery

To increase entrepreneurship and job creation through research and application of high technology in strategic sectors.

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Technology Transfer

To bring infrastructure and scientific and technological knowledge closer to the incubated companies in order to improve competitiveness through digital transformation.

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Sustainable Innovation

To promote the incorporation of sustainable innovation into the regular activity of microenterprises, fostering equal opportunities.

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Productive Fabric

To pursue the modernization of the productive fabric of the region and promote the creation of companies with smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

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Scientific Knowledge

To foster the establishment of knowledge alliances among stakeholders involved in technological and business development.

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Financial and International Support

To facilitate access to financial sources and internationalization for incubated microenterprises.


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Entrepreneurs with an innovative project who are eager to grow and create a company in the technology sector.

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Technology Companies

Technology companies
looking to launch
their technology-focused

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Companies from any strategic sector with technological
needs to modernize their processes.

Do you need support to launch, consolidate, or boost your project or company?

Escuelas del Prado
Future spaces of the IAT

Escuelas del Prado
New Business Incubator


IAT Talavera provides its incubated projects with a multifunctional space of nearly 1,000 m² equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ICT tools, and software platforms, creating an ideal environment for business incubation.

Competitive advantages

IAT Talavera Tecnológica


Municipal and regional strategy for
innovation and technological development.


With the support of nearly 30 partners
committed to supporting our activities.


National and European technological hub
with significant projects in this field.


Aimed at promoting the selection,
incubation, and maturation of our incubated projects.

Call for Proposals

Talavera Tecnológica offers a centralized infrastructure with high capacity based on high-value-added technological services. It provides an efficient and sustainable solution by offering access to advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

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Innovative Ideas Capture

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Access to the latest technologies and software solutions

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Accompaniment for companies

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Financing and internationalization

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team is supported by experts from technological companies, financial entities, research and innovation centers, educational institutions, universities, associations, federations, as well as international companies.

Our team has extensive knowledge and high potential in various fields that will be transferred to our incubated projects. Professionals with the necessary experience to develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions to accompany and add value to our incubated projects.


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