Technological Talavera, high-tech incubator for fostering innovation and technology transfer to micro-sized businesses.


The Prado Schools have been chosen to host the high-tech business incubator aimed at promoting innovation and technology transfer to microenterprises.


The new space for developing technological ideas and projects, covering an area of nearly 1,000m2, adds to the ongoing digital transformation project of Talavera, positioning it as a national reference in the field.

It will be part of the network of 19 High-Tech Incubators across Spain.

Recurso 67


Former Prado Schools

Recurso 92



Recurso 78


and Digital Hub

Recurso 6

Areas of Focus

Cybersecurity | Data Intelligence | Cloud Computing

The former Prado Schools, located in the city center, are being renovated and adapted to become the new headquarters of the business incubator.

This adaptation process involves a comprehensive renovation of the spaces to meet the needs of the new incubatees, including co-working areas, meeting and conference rooms, rest and leisure areas, and other facilities necessary for the development of technological projects. The new business incubator has been designed with the aim of promoting job creation and economic development in the region, offering economic support, internationalization, advice, mentoring, and training to entrepreneurs and startups who wish to accelerate their projects in the technology sector.

The renovation process of the Escuelas del Prado is progressing at a good pace, and it is expected to be fully operational soon to meet the needs of the local and regional business community.


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