Technological Talavera, high-tech incubator for fostering innovation and technology transfer to micro-sized businesses.

Talavera de la Reina will have one of the 19 High-Tech Incubators in Spain

  • Talavera Tecnológica continues to grow with the High-Tech Incubator that will become a national benchmark for fostering new innovation projects.
  • It will be located in the former Escuelas del Prado building and will have a total investment of 1.5 million euros.

Talavera de la Reina, June 21, 2022. Talavera Tecnológica continues to expand and establish itself as a national benchmark. The mayor of the city, Tita García Élez, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Foundation of the Chamber Institute for the creation and development of the company (INCYDE), for the establishment, promotion, and dynamization of the High-Tech Incubator for cybersecurity, data intelligence, and cloud computing, as part of the ‘High-Tech Incubator for fostering innovation and technology transfer to micro-sized businesses’ project.

This is a very important step for the “productive model change” that is taking place and in which the municipal government has been working since the beginning of its term, said the mayor of Talavera. With the addition of this new infrastructure, we are “closing the circle that we started” three years ago, she explained, noting that we already have the talent, linked to the UCLM (University of Castilla-La Mancha) and the vocational training programs offered in the institutes; other “fundamental pillar” such as multinational companies are already operating in the Regional Digital Innovation Center (CRID); and what was missing was that “fundamental and essential” space for micro-sized businesses, small businesses, or entrepreneurs to develop their ideas or projects in the technological field.

Talavera will host one of the 19 High-Tech Incubators in Spain, which are a sign of the “future and projection” that exists in this sector, emphasized García Élez. The mayor reiterated that they worked intensively to apply for this incubator, which will be physically located in the former Escuelas del Prado building, where, through the subsidy of the INCYDE Foundation (with FEDER funds), a comprehensive rehabilitation of the building will be carried out, providing it with state-of-the-art technological elements to develop initiatives, ensuring that entrepreneurs and micro-sized businesses have the tools to materialize their projects linked to the agri-food sector and, in a transversal way, to other productive sectors.

Opportunity to develop initiatives and business ideas in this Incubator

“Now, these micro-sized businesses and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to develop their initiatives and business ideas in a city that has opened its doors to technology,” confirmed the mayor. It has been a close collaboration with the Ministry, the regional government, and the INCYDE Foundation to ensure that this project was awarded to Talavera and that it will be “closely related” to the operations already being carried out by multinational companies at the CRID, such as IBM, Palo Alto, Red Hat, AWS, Oracle, Telefónica, HPE, Esri, and Microsoft; in addition to being the headquarters of the GAIA-X Spain Association.”


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